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Melody Maker ANSI Music Editor v3.1

Create ANSI Music quickly and easily! Three modes of playback, SB/Adlib compat., mouse support, easy use, easy setup! Save in many formats, including ANSI, Melody Maker's own compressed format, RA page format and more! Check out the best ANSI Music editor on the shareware market, that even has the ability to change it's Sound Card voice! Block commands, key signatures, point and click!

Requires DOS 2.0+ or Windows, 200KB RAM, 1.2MB disk space and PC speaker. SoundBlaster or Adlib compatible sound card and Microsoft compatible mouse recommended.

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Melody Maker ANSI Music Editor - Single User License
$12.00 US
Download Melody Maker ANSI Music Editor Demo
(253.1kb, ~1minutes)

  • Point-and-click mouse interface.

  • Ability to define musical key signatures.

  • Text block commands when working in the music text editor.

  • Soundblaster compatible sound card support.

  • Registered version allows configurable sound card voice settings.

  • Save files in three formats: ANSI, compressed Melody Maker, and Remote Access page format.

  • Play your ANSI music files from the command-line.

  • Creates ANSI music files compatible with the Dungeon Master Construction Set.

* Regarding Cathy Nicoloff's involvement in this software product.

Version 3.0 of Melody Maker marked the second version that was distributed by Datagen Software Designs, the hobby programming group name that I originally released my software under. Previous versions had been developed by Cathy Nicoloff in QuickBASIC and she began version 3 from scratch in Pascal, which was developed further as a partnership between her and I.

Unfortunately, Melody Maker 3.0 was never finished during the course of our partnership and Cathy left the software to me for completion — which I eventually did after a fervent effort and large amount of work, finally releasing the software December 29th 1993 (at the time I estimated about 75% of the final product was a result of my work). Cathy's name was still included on the title screen of the application as well as the documentation.

In 2001, four years after disolving Datagen Software Designs and about seven years after completing Melody Maker myself, I released version 3.1 that fixed a major bug and introduced a few minor enhancements. Along with these changes I also removed Cathy's name from the distribution files as her involvement had long since passed and she had not made any further contributions to the project for more than seven years.








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