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You can find file downloads for all of our products here in the Download Center. Simply use the pull-down menus below to find what you're looking for. Have you created a game module or written a program for a John Dailey Software product? Send us an e-mail and we'll make it available here.

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Dungeon Master Construction Set v1.1

Sha256: C1C9A49191474AB0E65991FFF37FED3BCB33778C0C70DF9CF267DAC799CDDADF

Build your own COMPLETE 3-D Role Playing Game for John Dailey's Dungeon Master with the Dungeon Master Construction Set. The DM Game Module Environment is enclosed seperately in DMV10.EXE. See details inside about how you can get a *FREE* DM REGISTRATION simply by creating a DM game module! Freeware. Product page.

Tutorial - DM: Module Making Helpers
Sha256: 175C275E6FABA15970C94478DF68F89497B965B549202DBC33935FB9C27A99EA

Make Your Own DM Adventure Module and get a FREE Dungeon Master and DMCS Registration! I'm passing on some of my experience and data that I've compiled making the Books of Blood to Help Out All potential DM Module Makers! Includes Images, Monsters, Items, Spells, Extra Sounds, Custom Walls, and 2 Maps packed with Specials that can be used for reference to learn how to create your own DM module! By Mike Collard Freeware.

DMArt #01 ANSI Art for Dungeon Master Construction Set
Sha256: 60E522D9E4F2C45384CE67A86823D6988227DC00156B67F511BAA99C2B699839

A collection of pre-drawn ANSI images for use in your Dungeon Master game modules. By Mike Collard Freeware.

TPPatch Turbo Pascal Runtime Error 200 Fix (Recommended)
Sha256: 0DC948AB5279BC48E5F66695A9822A80BA1B0495576FA8B84C86BEADAD575929

Fixes the Runtime Error 200 error message in Pascal programs that are ran on faster computers (pentium and above). This is the recommended utility as it patches the program's executable. Freeware.

TP7P5Fix Turbo Pascal Runtime Error 200 Fix
Sha256: 49A2552C9D4C330695EE62CD278D05A0866FB7773D21CA60E16BFFAF460A1F4C

Fixes the Runtime Error 200 error message in Pascal programs that are ran on faster computers (pentium and above). Only use this program on rare occassions as it is a Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR) program that runs in memory and fixes the error on the fly. May cause problems on Windows95 and up. Freeware.