Gibbering Slime

BBS Doors

Our collection of on-line BBS software (often called "doors") is world-famous. Whatever your taste -- strategy and board games, role-playing games, action games or other types of doors, there's something for you.

Strategy and Board Games:

The Arcadian Legends
Medevil strategy war game. Fully inter-BBS capable.

Barren Realms Elite
Futuristic interplanetary strategy war game. Fully inter-BBS capable.

Falcon's Eye
Run your kingdom, cast spells, avoid the plague from anther BBS. Fully inter-BBS capable.

Global Backgammon
An inter-node, real-time game with both regular and Acey-Duecy style.

Global War
An on-line door game adaptation of the hit board game Risk.

Hackin' Crackin'
A classic code-breaking, single player game against the computer.

Role-Playing Games:

Dungeon Master
Awesome, on-line 3-D ANSI RPG engine with tons of games.

Falcon's Honor
Battle for honor and respect from family's of the land.

Dungeon Master Construction Set
Build your own games for Dungeon Master.

Action Games:

Online Digdroid
Prove earth existed by collecting artifacts from underground.

Starship Galactica
Defeat the Dynja before they destroy your fleet of starships.

Other Doors:

U R Online
An on-line who's-who database system with configurable questions.

Run a fully customizable on-line voting booth.