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The ULTIMATE in on-line voting for WWIV and QBBS/RA BBS Systems! Features include an AWESOME interface, unlimited number of voting areas, each with a maximum of 999 questions! User sysop functions, full editing of questions and their votes. Vote in response to questions and more! This door will replace your current voting area!

  • Support for both DORINFOx.DEF, and CHAIN.TXT BBS Software!
  • Support for up to 999 voting questions per voting area, each with a maximum of 30 responses for each question! Each question may be up to three lines long, and each response may also be up to three lines long.
  • Multiple voting area support! Allows the sysop to create different areas to vote in. Voting areas are only limited by disk space.
  • Support to allow users to add questions based on their security level.
  • When a new voting area is created, the sysop can specify a minimum security level for users that may create new questions.
  • Support to allow users to add responses to questions. As each question is created, the creator can choose whether or not to allow other users to add responses to their question, assuming the sysop has configured Vote-O-Rama to allow this.
  • Ability to allow users to vote more than once, or only one time, at the sysop's and/or creator of a question discretion.
  • Ability to allow users to vote "in response to" another voting question.
  • Support for scanning questions not voted on, and letting users know what questions they've already voted on or questions that they've voted on, but are allowed multiple votes, and questions that are marked for deletion.
  • Utility for sysops and/or co-sysops to maintain, update, and change questions and question data on-line, including ability to modify the total number of votes for each response.
  • Ability to output a text file of voting results for questions within a voting area.
  • Ability to assign a user to be sysop of a voting area, allowing him or her to control sysop functions.
  • A log file utility to keep track, and show you what each user votes on, when users add questions, when sysops pack the data file and more.
  • Security level settings to allow certain users or co-sysops access to higher functions within Vote-O-Rama.
  • Built in split-screen chat mode, and ability to drop user from your BBS or exit them from Vote-O-Rama at the touch of a button.
  • ANSI and NON-ANSI support!

Requires DOS 3.23+ or Windows, 120KB RAM and 1.2MB disk space. For bulletin board use, BBS software and a modem are required.

Purchase License

No Purchase Necessary. This software is freeware.


Download Vote-O-Rama

File: vorv10.exe
Sha256: F2457F54225A4E8EEDB4C0946BFB08344F8FCEA74CA1CBCD8042AEB35E2458A3